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SIA TVK Group is an independent consultation company specialising in financial management, business intelligence, and business valuation.
At the heart of our company we have specialists of the financial area who have proven themselves in a number of significant positions and consultation projects.
The company was established on September, 2003, under the name of “Transport and management consultations” (“Transporta un vadības konsultācijas”); it was the result of its owners’ wish to prove themselves in the areas of public transport and financial management. At the beginning, our company participated in projects related to the development of public transport; at the same time, we also worked on developing a bookkeeping system for SME management. Initially, we developed effective accounting report systems for our clients in the MS Office environment. However, as we came across larger volume of data and encountered more complex solutions, we became interested in a more innovative technology and the use of business intelligence tools.

During our entrepreneurship not only have we achieved the initial goal, that is, to prove ourselves in the areas of strategic development of public transport and financial management, but we also have expanded the range of services that we provide, by adding the development and maintenance of business management tools.

In 2010, after evaluating various data analysis tools, we gave preference to Jedox AG PALO Business Intelligence, the main advantages of which are the flexibility of the system, simplicity, and the relatively low price compared to alternative solutions. In addition to the abovementioned, the software offered by Jadox provided the most important support function of the financial management—planning and budgeting. In 2011, we gained the status of a certified partner of Jadox.

In 2012, in addition to consultations in financial management, we begun to move into the direction of business valuation, in cooperation with SIA Eiroeksperts; we acted as the valuator’s assistant.

Since 2013, the name of the company is SIA TKV Group.

In December 2015, Edgars Kreits, a Board Member of the company, received a certificate in Valuation of Entrepreneurship (Business) and Non-material Assets.

The team of SIA TVK Group has a wide experience in determining corporate (business) value. We have provided a number of valuations for companies across various sectors, determining the value of a firm both in situations when there are changes in the owners’ structure or there is a reorganisation of a company taking place, and for situations where capital shares are sold/bought and the property contributions valuated. The operation of our valuers is registered in the Database of Valuers of Property Contributions of the Registry of Enterprise.

The achievements of SIA TVK Group are based on a patient teamwork, constant learning process and increasing the competence, so we believe that our knowledge and services that we provide can ensure the increase of the value of our client companies.

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