Jedox simplifies planning, data analysis, and reporting. Watch this 150 seconds Jedox demonstration video:

Jedox simplifies planning, analysis, and reporting with one unified cloud-based software suite. Jedox empowers decision makers and business users across all departments to help them work smarter, streamline business collaboration, and make insight-based decisions with confidence.
Over 2,000 organizations use Jedox in 127 countries for real-time planning on the web, in the cloud, and on any device. Independent analysts Gartner, Howard Dresner and BARC recognize Jedox for its leading enterprise planning solutions.

The strong points of Jedox technology is reflected in this picture:

Jedox is a very flexible system, and it empowers its users to model various business processes, and connects them according to the specifics of each company and its requirements. This is demonstrated by the projects carried out by SIA TVK Group, wherein—in addition to the financial data—we also analysed customer managed relations (CMR), passenger flow, fleet management, construction project management, HR management, and other data.

Since 2011, SIA TVK Group is the first certified Jedox partner in Latvia, and the company has provided its services not only in Latvia, but also abroad, for international and foreign companies. Our team specialises mostly in corporate management and planning, so in our BI projects we pay more attention to the precise reflection of information in those angles that are required by the client, which forms then a basis for entrepreneurial decision-making now and in the future.
For our clients, we provide:

  • implementation and maintenance of a modern corporate management tool, Jedox, suitable for every company—large, medium, or small;
  • daily support with Jedox, including usage extension to comply with your current requirements;
  • support in cases where you decide to implement Jedox yourselves, by using open-source software;
  • personnel training for working with the Jedox centralised, internet-integrated BI solution, which will fully replace the existing Microsoft Excel-based planning, analysis, and reporting processes.

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